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Mary Frances Hand Bag Black Ornate Retired Design

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Product Description

This is a retired Mary Frances Beaded Hand Bag. Soft Sided Purse

Black canvas bedazzled with glass bead work in crystal, brown, purple, pink, orange, green, and blue colors, a black ribbon design, as well as stitched flowers in those colors. The top has snap closure, the back has some beads but is mostly fabric making the bag more clothes friendly & less likely to snag on anything. Flawless condition!


  • Dimensions: approx. 13" wide x 5" tall x 3 1/2" deep, handle is 13 1/2" tall
  • Age: date rages between 2000 & 2007
  • Material: Fabric and Beaded
  • Colors: Black, Blues, Gold, Pinks, Greens, and Purples
  • Manufacturer: Mary Frances
  • Has original bag and tags