What is the Difference Between Antique, Collectible and Vintage - Grannies Garage

What is the Difference Between Antique, Collectible and Vintage - Grannies Garage
Being an owner of an Antique Mall for 16 years, I had to quickly learn the lingo when we first opened the shop back in 1990. People would ask all the time, What is the difference between Antique, Collectible and Vintage.

  • Antique - An antique is describe as something that is 100 years or older.
  • Collectible - Means this is something that people collect and most likely is desired by others.
  • Vintage - This term is based off of an item that is at least 20 years old up to 99 years old.


  • Period -  The term period mean what time is the item from. Here is and example of period furniture:

Table Table

    • Early American - 1640 to 1700
    • Colonial - 1700 to 1780
    • Pennsylvania Dutch - 1720 to 1830
    • Federal - 1780 to 1820
    • Sheraton - 1780 to 1820
    • American Empire - 1800 to 1840
    • Shaker - 1820 to 1860
    • Victorian - 1840 to 1910
    • Art and Crafts - 1880 - 1920
    • Art Nouveau - 1890 - 1910
    • Traditional Revival 1920 - 1950
    • Modern to Post-Modern - 1950 - Present

Retro Skates

  • Retro - Retroactive meaning something in the recent past but when I think of how I would describe Retro, I guess my word would be funky but in a cool sense. More that 1950s and 1960s style.

Art Deco Lamp

  • Deco - Short for Art Deco - Deco appeared in Paris before WWI 1900s to 1920s. A diverse ornate style.

Reproduction Alarm Clock

  • Repro - Reproduction. A Repro is an item that is made to look like the original but usually way less than half of the cost of an original item. You can see in this picture that the paint has even been scraped off to make this alarm clock look old. Sure is a cute little clock.

Estate Sale Sign

  • Estate - When we think of the word estate we think of everything we own. This is what is means when you see an estate sale sign. Cleaning out a person whole estate.

Hopefully this helps you out with your new terminology when it comes to Antiques, Collectibles and Vintage items. 

See you next week. 
Granny Jean

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